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The Team

Cecilia Rossos, has been in the travel business since graduating from the University of Toronto in 1970 with a BA in History and French. She took over the running of the business when her mother Mary Vecchiarino, who founded Victor Travel in 1959, retired in 2003.   Ms. Rossos is responsible for the daily operations of the office and all contract negotiations.  Due to her skills and level of professionalism, she has maintained a high profile not only in the Carlson Community but within the Canadian travel industry as a whole.   In past years she has been a member of the Carlson Wagonlit Advisory Board as well as the Galileo Advisory Board and has represented Victor Travel in the very select Air Canada’s Circle of Excellence. In 2012, Air France/Atout France appointed Cecilia Rossos to their International Advisory Board.

Cecilia Rossos

President, CEO and General Manager of Victor Travel and Victours

Jack Mendelssohn - is an integral part of what makes us a leading Travel Agency. With a career in the Travel Industry that spans over 50 years, Jack possesses a history of exceptional performance, client service, and leadership as a Senior Travel Agent. His extensive knowledge and experience in almost every aspect of the business benefits our clients and our team. Presently, his focus is on Corporate Travel, as he manages several of the agency’s top accounts. Most admired for his ability to stay calm and find quick solutions in high-stress situations, Jack is also esteemed for the tact and discretion with which he negotiates and advocates for our clients.

Jack Mendelssohn

Manager of Supplier and Client Relations, at CWT Victor Travel

Eva Strangia, ensures effective implementation of process in the ticketing department of the whole company.   She is also responsible for coordinating the activities of the ticketing team.  Moreover, she ensures that the customer service provided is of the highest level. She is a competent individual whose strategic analysis of fare building, and general marketing and fare building procedures, together with her ability to work well under pressure, make her an invaluable team member.

Eva Strangia

Air and Ticketing Supervisor

Yana Bogner, has been a member of the Victor Travel team since 1995. Her wide-ranging knowledge of all facets of the travel industry makes her a leading member of the team.  She is a hands-on manager with meticulous work ethics. She actively embraces innovation and keeps up to date with the many changes constantly occurring in the travel industry. She uses her invaluable experience in her day to day work with corporate accounts. She heads the concierge services department supervising incentive & corporate events and supervises special interest groups, sport groups, school groups.  Organizing and ensuring the flawless running and outcome of destination weddings is her ultimate passion.

Yana Bogner

CTC, Manager, Groups, Corporate & Concierge

Eric Moe, has been arranging educational tours for over 20 years. Working with an impressive array of schools and colleges, Eric ensures that every aspect of the trip is perfectly planned and executed while taking into account the educational needs, desired outcomes and individual travel policies of each institution.  Lucky to have been an avid traveler his entire life, Eric’s firsthand experience of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America serves him well has he endeavors to give students the most exciting and memorable experience of their lives. 

Eric Moe

Manager, Student Group Travel

Mirella Policciardi, provides exceptional service and personal attention to hundreds of students and their families every year. Mirella is detail-oriented and passionate about travel, offering the same high level of service and support to her school groups as she does to her portfolio of discriminating luxury travellers. Mirella brings the expertise gained by over 30 years in the Travel Industry and more than 15 years of Student Travel experience to the Victor Travel team, along with a friendly and professional personality.

Mirella Policciardi

Senior Travel Planner, Student Group Travel

Nancy Dean, graduated from the Canadian Travel School in 1983 and has been busy in the Travel Industry since then, working for 3 tour operators, as an airport representative, and in Hotel Banquets in addition to being a Senior Travel Consultant. She is a seasoned traveller herself, familiar with many destinations from the Caribbean to Europe, Africa, and the Orient. Her experiences with cruising are a great asset. Nancy has been with Victor Travel for over 20 years.

Nancy Dean

Senior Travel Planner, Special Occasion Travel

Judy Lepofsky, Since 1978, Judy has been active in several areas of the Travel Industry, including corporate travel, event travel for the filming industry, escorted tours through Asia, and cruising, while at the same time building her own extensive travel experiences. Judy is an extremely valuable member of our Leisure Travel department, providing unequalled personal service with professionalism and genuine warmth.

Judy Lepofsky

Senior Travel Counsellor, Leisure Travel

Lori Mahabir, graduated from Centennial College in 1980 earning a Travel Counsellor Diploma from the school of Hospitality Administration and Services and has worked in the retail travel industry consistently since then. Lori joined Victor Travel in 1987 adding a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of the business, handling corporate, incentive and leisure travel with equal proficiency.

Lori Mahabir

CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor)

Alla Lane, is a Senior Travel Consultant working as part of the Victor Travel team since 2010. Alla began her career as a travel agent/manager 30 years ago after immigrating from St.Petersburg, Russia to New York, NY, before transitioning her career to Toronto. She has worked with several leading travel agencies specializing in corporate and vacation travel, including wedding groups and vacation packages. Naturally, she has a passion for travel and her adventures have taken her across Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. Alla prides herself on going above and beyond for her clients, many of whom she has continued to work with for decades. 

Alla Lane

Senior Travel Counsellor, Leisure Travel

Agnes Weisz, began her career as a travel agent in 1984. Agi specializes in Health Spa Resorts in Hungary, where she has extensive first-hand experience to share. Her knowledge and experience in Cruises of all kinds is also impressive. Agi enjoys creating interesting itineraries for bus tours all over Canada and the US for groups of students and seniors.

Agnes Weisz 

Senior Travel Counsellor, Leisure Travel

Gila Yefet, brings over 25 years of experience in the Travel Industry to the Victor Travel Team. Gila is a key member of our Leisure team, specializing in personalized Tours of Israel and offering an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience along with great connections and negotiating skills. She is a passionate advocate for travel as a life-affirming and transformational experience.

Gila Yefet 

Senior Travel Counsellor, Leisure Travel

Regina Zamel has been working in the travel industry since 1990 and has been with Victor Travel since 1995. She was born and grew up in Porto Alegre Brazil and together with her husband, she had the opportunity to live and travel in Europe for several years, before returning to Brazil to start her family. Finally, she arrived in Canada. Regina realized that the best school in life is to travel and she has never lost her passion for it. She continues to look after her clients, with arranging both personal and business travel. Regina is hoping that travel will continue to be a passion for everyone and look forward to working with her clients!

Regina Zamel

Senior Travel Counsellor, Leisure Travel

Mauro Del Rosso has been working in the travel industry for the past 50 years and for the past 12 of those, with Victor Travel. He has travelled all over the world, but his specialty is Bella Italia! He knows Italy inside out and his clients benefits from his knowledge when Mauro creates their unique, customized experience. Mauro has a passion for travel and working with his customers.

Mauro Del Rosso

Senior Travel Consultant

Ora Harris has been working in various aspects of the travel industry for most of her life and has been with Victor Travel for the past 14 years. She is originally from South Africa, which is where she started her travel industry career. During that time, she gained extensive knowledge of Africa, travelling throughout the continent. Adding to that, Ora has also lived in London England and travelled the world, including to most countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. Ora is delighted to work with her clients to create a unique and customized itinerary to give them the most memorable experience wherever their destination!

Ora Harris

Senior Travel Consultant

Rita Emiliani has been in the travel business since 1988, having graduated from the Tourism School of Business. With over 30 years in the travel business, she is extremely passionate about travel and is a dedicated professional . Her extensive knowledge and experience along with her skills and talents in building relationships in the travel industry and with her repeat clientele makes her an ideal person to have on your team when planning your biggest customized events. 

Rita Emiliani 

Senior Travel Consultant

Justin Hines, M.Sc., Ph.D., has been involved in the Travel Industry since 2004, leading research expeditions in Central America (Honduras), the Caribbean (Cuba), South America (Peru, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands) and Africa (Moçambique and South Africa). An avid traveller and scuba instructor, Justin began travelling to remote destinations backpacking across Central America. This led to graduate school in Australia and research in Honduras in the early 2000’s. One of Justin’s favourite parts of travelling is finding the hidden culinary gems wherever he goes; the boldest reds in the Western Cape, making connections with artisanal coffee roasters in Costa Rica, or the best tapas in Sevilla. Whether it’s a sunrise on the lowveld or a beautiful wall dive in Cuba, Justin is always searching for the unforgettable experiences for his clients that ensures their travel memories last a life time.

Justin Hines

Senior Travel Consultant

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